This website was born out of our disappointment over the amount of food waste created each year that goes unrecovered. We know there are people in desperate need of food donations and that there are also a lot of people with a surplus of food. We believe that by providing a simple way for people from those two groups to be connected it will significantly reduce the amount of food wasted.

As sustainability becomes more and more a topic of conversation we hope that food recycling can be discussed as one of the easiest ways to improve the lives of those in need while at the same time lessening our impact on the world by reducing landfill waste.

For our part we provide a free platform for suppliers to post their surplus food donations online. Once posted we alert anyone nearby that has expressed an interest in receiving food donations by signing up on the site. To learn more about how the site works you can visit our FAQ page. This is a non-profit effort so if you'd like to learn more about how you could help please visit our help out page.