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At (pronounced "MAHN-jyuh") we believe that if you make it easy to help reduce food waste people will do their part. The idea is simple; if you have surplus food post it. We'll get the word out to people in the area that accept food donations so they can come pick it up. Use one of the registration options below to get started! It's completely FREE and couldn't be any easier.

Donate Food

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If you have a surplus of food to donate this is the button for you! Registration is quick and easy. We'll keep track of your donations for you so that when tax time comes you can get the write-off you deserve for doing your part to reduce food waste.

Accept Donations

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If you are looking for food donations in your area please click below. After a quick registration you'll start receiving alerts whenever a donation becomes available near you. We know how hard you work to get food to the people that need it, and we're here to help.